We offer a broad range of raw materials for use in the formulation of agrochemicals for use in crop protection and plant nutrition

Agrochemical Solutions Overview

Building on our significant experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry has given us access to a Global supplier base who provide us with solvents, fine chemicals and building blocks for use in the production of pesticides.

Working with our affiliates in Germany and China we are now able to offer a range of inorganic materials, metal salts, mineral salts and chelates for use in the formulation of micronutrient and foliar fertilizers to treat specific nutrient deficiencies.

Team of experts

An expert knowledge of our products and their application

Global Networks

Large number of supplier relationships and significant sourcing expertise

Broad Portfolio

Wide range of materials for use in formulation and production


Quick turnaround to your enquiries is one of our key strengths

Sample Products

Please review our range of products listed below. We are continuously sourcing new materials, so please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

We have a full range of solvents for use in the synthesis of intermediates and building blocks for the production of agrochemicals.

We have a full range of metal salts for use in single nutrient and compound fertilizers to provide sources of ammonia, phosphorous and copper to aid healthy plant growth via the production of amino acids and proteins.

We offer a full range of chelates for use in foliar, micronutrient and bespoke blends to address specific mineral deficiencies and optimise the uptake of these nutrients by the plant. These materials are available in both soild and solution form.

We focus on developing and growing our partnership with our customers. Our willingness to understand the needs of this Polymer customer and to adapt our offering has meant we’ve become their preferred supply partner
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Meet Your Polymers Team

Our Polymers team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. They offer services including material sourcing, stockholding and selection for the medical device and industrial sectors

Polymer Products Manager

David has been with NCC since 2006, and has a Design Engineering background. He has worked in a technical sales role for GE Plastics (Sabic), as well as injection moulding companies such as McFarlane Plastics. David is also the Sales & Marketing Director for NCC’s sister medical compounding company - IPC.

David Howard

Sales and Marketing Executive

Lorna has worked in NCC for over 20 years. With a background in Marketing, she has extensive experience within our Sales Dept having worked as Product Manager in our Polymers Division for over 10 years. Prior to this she worked in our Operations Dept where she acquired vast experience in planning and logistics. She is highly skilled in Account and Product Management and is committed to consistently delivering service excellence to our customers.

Lorna McNevin

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