We are regularly contacted by Food Industry customers, both new and existing, to support opportunities in new product development or due to a need to make a change to some of their raw materials ingredients. This can be motivated by changes in legislation, a desire to improve the product, reduce levels of salt or sugar, fortify with minerals or to extend shelf life.

In this case there was new European Legislation relating to Infant Formula. During a meeting with a customer this new requirement was raised (specifically the reduction of an existing chemical entity from ppm levels to ppb levels). At the time there was no solution available off the shelf. However through the industry knowledge of our Food Ingredients Product Manager Fintan McConnell and our sourcing capabilities, we did manage to find a bespoke solution.

By NCC supplying the purified material, our customer was able to meet their customers required specification, and therefore maintained this business, which they would would otherwise have lost.

Our approach is based on looking for the best possible solution for you and we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to readily identify materials and suppliers that best suit your needs. We keep up to date on new ingredients or innovations in the market and are always happy to discuss how they can work for you.

We are now actively involved in trials of 6 new ingredients with this customer in order to add value to their existing products.

We expect to have results of the customer trials with our ingredients by Q2 2016 and product launch in Q3 2016