We began working with this industrial customer  in 2007 supplying  two small volume products to them every couple of years. In 2014 our new Industrial Sales Representative, Christina Stackpoole sought to develop our relationship with this customer.

At the time they advised they only purchased large bulk volumes direct from the manufacturer and so they felt that there wasn’t much that NCC could offer in terms of materials. Through our conversations with the customer we realised that one product in particular was causing supply issues.

They had availability issues with their largest volume raw material used on site and due to this they would at times have to stop production. We realised that offering to store some buffer stock for this customer could be a way for them to combat availability issues. Our main contract warehouse in Dublin is a Seveso Top Tier certified site which offers us the extra capability of storing large quantities of hazardous product.

Since we commenced this storage agreement we have had feedback from our customer that this has been of huge benefit to them and has given them more security in their supply chain. We have also now started to source and store some additional volumes of material and become a second supplier in our own right.

This has not only resulted in large cost savings for our industrial customer but also has resulted in a reduction of time needed to manage this in the warehouse,  accounts  and right through to purchasing departments. We have improved security of supply whilst  saving time and money for our customer.