In recent years we have worked hard at improving and developing our service offering into a complete package for our customers. 

We have a comprehensive global network of manufacturers and partners that we work with on sourcing and development projects. Our Business Development Director regularly travels to Asia and the US to attend trade fairs and takes the opportunity to visit manufacturing sites. 

All the resources and time we have put into continuously improving means we now have a team of people who are experts in their field and who have a wealth of market knowledge.  

In one particular case we were working with a large pharmaceutical company for many years. Historically we delivered large volumes of a small number of products for big production lots. In the last number of years the site changed to a producer of clinical trial batches and so the requirements to service this business were very different. New materials were being requested frequently and so our ability to find reputable sources and complete regulatory paperwork requirements quickly was key to our success.

In 2011 we were invited to an RFQ for 58 items, NCC offered pricing on 44 and were awarded 12 items. We were given feedback on our performance and were told that our response was “significantly more comprehensive” than our peers. We then achieved preferred supplier status and received many enquires for new materials thereafter.

We were involved in another, larger scale RFQ for this company in 2015 and submitted pricing for over 80% of the materials. We were successful in securing a large volume of this business which has provided us with opportunities to supply sister companies in other EU countries.

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